The key to a healthy, happy retirement

Baby Boomers are moving from working to the permanent vacation called retirement.  Ten thousand per day, in fact.  Having focused on work for decades of their lives, it may be a bit of a transition to focus on what would bring the most happiness.

Those at or near retirement have placed emphasis on investing and income plans – and rightfully so.  But, what about a Fun Plan? 

For the millions of Baby Boomers coming up on retirement, making investments in exercising, having fun, making new friends and continuing to learn are the closest thing to finding the fountain of youth, according to Harvard researchers.  A 75+ year old Harvard Study of Adult Development is one of the oldest and most respected studies on aging in the country.

Many retirees launch their dream trip or big project in their first year of retirement.  And, then the thrill of the freedom they’d yearned for settles in as a daily gift.  How does one create their happy days?  Here are a few suggestions:

    1.  Get daily exercise by doing something fun with people you enjoy that requires physical activity.  Stroll through a new park.  Take a bike ride.  Open your mind to new possibilities.

     2.  Make new friends.  Chances are most of your friends are people you worked with.

    3.  Find a new mission.  Developing a passion for some purpose will help launch a person out of their easy chair.

    4.  Learn something new.  Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, play the piano or know how to paint.  Whatever you’ve put off, now is the time to get started. 

    5.  Join new social groups.  There are many ways to meet new people with shared interests.  A social media groups like Meet-up may be an entry-way to learn what’s available.

Whatever you choose to do with your well-earned retirement, dedicate yourself to happiness with the same measure of your dedication to work.

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Source: “Key to a healthy, happy retirement: Having fun”, USA Today Accessed October 31, 2017.

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