Protect and Preserve Your Money

The portfolio that got you to retirement may not be the right portfolio to get you through retirement.

There is a significant risk that occurs in retirement that many people are unaware of. And if it is not accounted for, it could lead to undesirable results, including having to delay retirement or change your quality of life.

Sequence of Return Risk. Assuming an average return over a long time period is common for investors. But for investors needing money, they must also account for the sequence of returns (do the negative years come right away or after several good years?). Withdrawing from your portfolio during a stock market downturn could cause you to deplete your nest egg faster than you have considered.

  • Have you ever considered the risk of outliving your money?
  • What plan do you have in place to protect your assets (and your income) in the event we experience and unfavorable sequence of returns?
  • What is your retirement income plan, and is it sufficiently robust to meet your lifetime needs and goals regardless of market conditions?

These are the types of questions and issues we address with each client. We educate you about all the potential risks and construct a plan designed to minimize worries about your portfolio and/or the subsequent income it produces.

Our goal is to provide you with financial confidence throughout retirement so you may enjoy your independence throughout your life.

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